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Pasture Valley Marketplace is located near Perth, Ontario and provides locally-sourced food and non-food products by local farmers and artisans to customers.

It is a place to be connected with local products from people with their feet rooted in the soil - where relationships form to support the best life possible for everyone and everything.

Here at Pasture Valley Marketplace we are committed to regenerative agriculture to help rebuild the soil that nourishes the plants that feed the animals. A healthy soil system can be replenished by those same plants and animals, along with water, sunlight, and air, to form the never ending cycle of life.

We are all part of this cycle and our decisions impact the future.

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Our family of 6 has been getting lamb and beef from Blairich Farm for the last 5 years and are never going back to the grocery store meat isle, not only is the flavor of that farm fresh meat extraordinary (just ask our dinner guests!) But knowing that our meat is local and ethically raised is the icing on the cake, or more aptly the gravy on the roast!

Sarah Wright, Brooke Valley Perth ON

“I have been buying lamb from Blairich Farm for more than ten years. I have always loved the way they cared for their animals, putting them in the pasture as much as possible, caring for the land, caring for the animals. I was delighted when Stephen expanded the farm to include cattle, chickens and now forest-raised pigs. The quality of the beef, chicken and pork matches their lamb and I take great comfort in knowing that none of these animals have been treated with the cruelty so common in industrial farming.”

Peter Showler, Ottawa

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