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Dear Val and Steven, We have only just had our amazing rack of lamb. I BBQ’d it and it was, without a doubt, one of the all time best pieces of any meat I have ever had. Certainly the best lamb ever. Who needs New Zealand! Blessings to the lamb, who obviously had a very good life, and to whom I am grateful. Thank you for having us on your list as customers. We feel very honored. Hope you are having a good summer. Amanda & Tim

Amanda Lewis, Brooke Valley, Perth Ontario

Our family of 6 has been getting lamb and beef from Blairich Farm for the last 5 years and are never going back to the grocery store meat isle, not only is the flavor of that farm fresh meat extraordinary (just ask our dinner guests!) But knowing that our meat is local and ethically raised is the icing on the cake, or more aptly the gravy on the roast!

Sarah Wright, Brooke Valley Perth ON

We ordered a variety box comprised of beautiful selection cuts known for their taste and tenderness. Those cuts delivered the same when presented on the table. Succulent! The hamburger ( a staple in my home) presented beautifully in the frying pan for preparation in to a variety of dishes with no abundance of grease. I support farm to gate and I am always on a quest for premium quality pasture raised meat. I was very satisfied with your product and can’t wait until the chickens are available. Kimberly and Rob:)

Kim Leach, Rideau Ferry, ON

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